The Kaleidoscope

Imaginative Interpretations

Free verse, fiction and a writer's frenzy. Who ever said monochrome text can't paint a hundred hues?
Featured Light-years
Featured Catharsis
Featured Fallacies of Language
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The Cocktail

Quirkiness is key

The Cocktail
All it takes is a bit of quirkiness to turn mundane Monday to magical Monday. My signature brand of quirkiness is of course some clever wordplay.
Featured 700 words worth my day
Featured Introverts Anonymous
Featured Modern Pangea

The Observatory

Research. Analyse. Report. Repeat.

The Observatory
This segment follows issues relevant to today's world and their potential solutions. The aim is to kill small talk and bring newer and more important topics for discussion at the coffee table.
Featured Creating educational leaders
Featured Make a difference this summer

Writer's Wall

Pin it up

Writer's Wall
A place for others who possess a WordLust. This wall features your work.
Rebecca Philip Forbidden
Ambika Subash Faded flowers in a journal
Mahesh Dilip Like two dark grapes in vanilla ice cream

The Shelf


The Shelf
Do you fancy lazy Sunday afternoons with a book? So do I. Pick up a review from the shelf and find out if you'd like the book. I promise you there are no spoilers here.
Featured The Devotion of Suspect X
Featured The Martian
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